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Abbas Shipping Supply is a namesake ship chandler and logistics agency coordinating global marine supply activities through regional and international centers. We are headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan, and have been operating since 1983.

Our extended operations and more than 200 partnerships with local and international suppliers span global sea-lanes, helping us meet onshore and offshore demand.

We strive to follow a customer-centric approach to assist the needs of ship owners and operators. Our efficient supply and robust infrastructure enable us to offer freedom to ships in their journey.

S.Qasim Abbas






To supply ships calling at Karachi Port, S. Qasim Abbas started a small facility in the locality of Karachi and provided local ship supplies to vessels.


Onshore expansion

With the increase in onshore demand for ship chandling, the company expanded with new warehouses, and the head office moved to M.A. Jinnah, Karachi.


Offshore expansion

To offer ship chandling services to customers operating in the offshore sea-lanes, Abbas Shipping Supply Agency introduced a new business model to offer a continuity of quality services off the coast.


Transferred to second-generation

  1. Qasim Abbas transferred control of the company to his son, S. Kazim Abbas, who further took over key operational processes, both onshore and offshore. The development of ASSA picked pace with the implementation of technology and improved processes.

ISO 9001 Certification

Abbas Shipping Supply Agency committed itself for compliance with ISO 9001 and obtained necessary certifications after completion of its developments and implementations.


Transferred to third generation

  1. M Husnain Abbas took over as the present entity responsible for key operational functions, technological implementation, and further partnerships, completing the ASSA Group.