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Abbas Shipping Supply Agency has its core focus on quality, safety, and consistent sustainability. For ships plying the world’s sea-lanes, we ease their routes with our extensive range of safety equipment and cabin stores.

We enable businesses to experience freedom at the sea and onshore with our safety systems that can sustain and take care of their fleet assets. We realize the support ship crew requires at the sea, and so we equip them with the best-of-class safety equipment including first aid kits, quality life rafts, & inspection supplies.

We also make available cabin stores, janitorial kits, and galley equipment; everything from soaps to beddings, cleaners to supplies is included. Leverage on our assistance and capability to ease your sea transportation.

End-to-end supply security

For all logistics services to ship owners and operators, our team coordinates all complex operations during the entire supply chain process to ensure orders are arranged and closely monitored.

Warehouse storage

We are a one-stop resource for all your vessel needs, stocking full range consumables and technical products to support vessel crew. We source, arrange, store, and distribute a number of variety to vessels onshore and calling at ports.

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