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Abbas Shipping Supply Agency has become an industry-leader in the ship chandling industry for easing the journeys of seafarers. Our non-constraint and grade-rate supply of marine lubricants and electronics upkeep the maintenance of vessels.

We procure, store, and supply marine chemicals, paints, Freon gases, rust removers, all kinds of electrical tools to keep the wheels of vessels moving in the sea. Our focus is directed towards the simplification of complex ship safety to empower businesses working with us.

Whether you need supplies for bulk cargo carriers, cruise liners, or tankers, we can provide ship chemicals and electronics at the best prices, around the clock, and on all of our ports of call. We are in business to assist you in all challenging marine environments.


Our team effectively manages all key supply operations to ensure we achieve economies of scale. We follow a transparent pricing model to ensure both our local and international partners, ship owners and operators benefit from quality products at their disposal.

End-to-end supply security

For all logistics services to ship owners and operators, our team coordinates all complex operations during the entire supply chain process to ensure orders are arranged and closely monitored. For Abbas Shipping Supply Agency, optimum efficiency is critical for quality servicing.

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