Shipping in port karachi

Shipping in Karachi plays a key role in all economic activities in the country. According to the statistics of the list of ships of the port Karachi trust, 1600 ships visit the port yearly. This is only 45% of the port’s capacity.


According to the Karachi port trust website, the port’s Navigable channel is 11.5 kilometres long, whereas the deep approach channel is 12.2 meters deep. The ships arriving at the port include General containers, bulk carriers, and modern container vessels. Currently, 315 officers and 4748 workers are working at the port Karachi. The port provides facilities for handling, loading and unloading cargo, maintenance and security. In this blog, I outline and explain the various shipping activities in Karachi port.  

Rice Export 

quality ship vessels are used for exporting rice in Karachi. Packing rice is done carefully with the help of various protection materials; bitumen rolls and styrofoam are used to stop water from entering the rice. Some varieties of rice for export include Basmati rice and IRRI rice. 

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The rice cultivation industry in Pakistan employs many people in Pakistan. This is because the rice export of Pakistan contributes around 8% to the total rice trade in the world. The main areas for rice cultivation in Pakistan include Sindh and Punjab. The most preferred variety of rice is Basmati rice. This variety is known for its flavour and great quality. During 2021-22, Pakistan’s rice exports were equal to 4877 191 Metric tonnes. Hence, rice is an important part of Pakistan’s exports. 

Iron Scrap Cargo

The Karachi Shipping industry also deals with the arrival of lots of scrap iron. Scrap iron makes steel and other metallic items. Hence, scrap iron is a great raw material and an important item in the Karachi port. 

Not only is scrap used in the steel industry, but it is also used to make other products such as car parts and much more. Scrap traders in Karachi also stock scrap iron; this iron is used by traders and both large and small-scale manufacturers for other products. 

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Scrap metal greatly influences the prices of metal products. In 2021, Amreli steels raised the price of their steel bars by 3000 rupees because of the increase in Scrap metal. Hence, scrap metal is an important factor and a must part of any marine ship or Vessel in port. Hence, it is a key activity in the Karachi port. 

According to the Karachi port trust website, nearly 7000 tonnes of iron scrap-based cargo arrives at the Karachi port within 24 hours.  

Fertilizer imports 

Fertilizer is an important part of the agriculture industry of Pakistan. It helps boost the productivity of crops and provides essential minerals for their survival and growth. Pakistani is a major importer of fertilizer. 

Fertilizers in Pakistan include Potash and Diammonium Phosphate. However, the usage of Potash fertilizer is less. Hence, the crops are of lower quality.  

According to the 2019 world bank statistics, Pakistan’s fertilizer imports were $925.61 million US dollars. This makes fertilizer a large commodity for imports. There are many fertilizer companies in Pakistan, with major players like Engro fertilizers and Fauji fertilizer company. Other companies include Pak arab fertilizer and Fatima fertilizer company. These companies use raw material imports for fertilizer production. This is why the amount of Pakistani fertilizer exports is large.  

Ship Chandler Services 

Ship Chandling is an important feature of any port; the same is the case with Karachi port. The Karachi port is home to many Ship chandlers who help fulfil ship standards and making ships ready for the long journey ahead, whether they are passenger ships or cargo ships.

A Ship Chandler provides many supplies, such as food, marine, special packaging, and bedroom sheets. These items are important for any ship when it goes into the sea. Getting these items separately from town is a hard task. Hence, ship chandlers have all these items available in one place. 

Moreover, ship chandlers also provide repair and maintenance services for ships. Hence they have bunker oil supplies and other repair supplies available as well. All these things are important for the proper functioning of a ship. 

Hence ship chandlers are a large and important part of the shipping industry and a large economic activity. The livelihood of lots of people depends on it. 


The Karachi port is the hub of many economic activities. It is the focal point for both imports and exports. Aside from this, it also employs people that provide ship services such as repair and maintenance. The cargo at the Karachi port is worth millions of dollars and important for functioning industries such as fertilizer and steel. The shipping industry also supports other industries such as shipping Chander and cloth. Since the Karachi port is only half occupied by ships, there is a large market for more shipping companies. Hence it is a great industry with employment potential for lots of people. 

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