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Abbas Shipping Supply Agency maintains the highest level of quality and freshness in full-range consumables. We carry a variety of specialty foods necessitated by crewmembers, and cover vessels of every size.

Our ship chandling solutions provide you with quality frozen, fresh, canned, and preserved foods you need to ease your journey in the sea. With a wide assortment of products and brands, we also expend our range by regularly introducing leading brands.

In today’s shipping business, our dependable ship chandling services cut down lead times, ease vessels courses, and leverage crew peace of mind. We know what you need and can deliver on time from our stocked warehouses on the ports of call, extending our services to ships midway or close to the shores of Karachi.

Warehouse storage

We are a one-stop resource and arrange stock items specially required by our local and global clientele. We source, arrange, store, and distribute a number of variety to vessels onshore and calling at ports.

End-to-end supply security

For all logistics services to ship owners and operators, our team coordinates all complex operations during the entire supply chain process to ensure orders are arranged and closely monitored. For Abbas Shipping Supply Agency, optimum efficiency is critical for quality servicing.

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