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Shipping is a key industry globally. For centuries, shipping has been used as one of the key sources of transportation. Some things transported through shipping include spices, technological equipment, weapons and vehicles. 

With the growth in the shipping industry, we also see growth in the demand for shipping supply agency.  These agencies are also known as ship chandlers. They have a variety of functions; these include providing ship supply and provisions to clients. Also, they provide the required documents so the ship can avoid problems in the local territory while it is at the harbour. Moreover, they also help with the general maintenance and repairs of the ships. In this blog, I elaborate on why ship chandlers are important for ships going on voyages.

Ship Chandlers Provide Marine Supplies 

The ship is the most important part of a sea voyage, but it’s not the only part. Marine supplies play a key part in any sea voyage. These supplies include buoys, ores, spare boats and anchors. Imagine what you would do if all these items were unavailable in one place. It’s a hard task to get them; this is where ship chandlers come into play. 

These ship supply such as engine oil supply and sludge oil supplies are important for the ship’s voyage, and these are hard to find elsewhere. This is the reason a bunker oil supplier comes in handy. Marine supplies are essential not only for a ship’s functioning but also for emergencies. If a ship crashes, the drowning sailors need buoys, and rafts are necessary to transport them to safety. 

Not only buoys and rafts but shipping supply agencies also provide Anchors. Anchors are necessary to dock any ship. But at the same time, they are made up of metal, and hence they can get rusty. Supplies and Logistics companies such as Abass shipping supply  also have a wide range of anchors for ships 

Shipping Supply Agencies Provide Repairs For Ships

Ship suppliers are not restricted to providing supplies only. They also provide repair and maintenance services. Shipbuilding is a challenging task. It requires careful planning and expert labor. This is why ship Labour is carefully trained for this task. This labour is not available everywhere. Specific rules and regulations govern it. 


As I mentioned earlier, ship chandlers have all the required labour and equipment for repair. Repair is not only about major faults in the ship; it also includes maintenance, such as the removal of debris and repair of the electrical and navigational interfaces of the ship.


Similar to cars, ships also require periodic maintenance. The fleet manager monitors this maintenance after every trip the ship takes or after several miles a ship has travelled. Procuring labour from outside or hiring a labour team for yourself is costly. This is why shipping agencies provide all these facilities because they are cheaper to hire comparatively. Getting engine oil is a hard task. Fortunately, ship suppliers also have engine oil. 

Protective Equipment For Rice Bags

Rice is an important part of shipping cargo. It constitutes a large amount. Rice is a perishable item and is hard to transport by ship. This is why you need  specific equipment  for rice transportation

This equipment includes plastic rolls, which cover the bags from the sides. Kraft paper rolls coated with bitumen give protection and do not allow water. The bitumen does not allow the water to pass through. This keeps the rice dry till they reach the dock.A ship chandler has all this equipment available in bulk, which makes procurement of supplies easy, which means you have a safe voyage in the sea.

Food supplies for Ships

Food is an important part of any voyage, whether picnic or commercial. Culturally, both perishable and non-perishable, items such as fish, meat, candies and nuts are a common part of shipping food supplies. Ship chandlers procure all these items in bulk; you can ask them for a quote to stock your ship as per your needs. 

If you don’t have Ship chandlers, getting food supplies for your ship is a hard task. Ship crewmen are mostly on the docks or the sea; getting these items in large quantities from town is a long way. Ship suppliers provide all these items upon your request and set them accordingly in the ship’s warehouse. this saves the effort and time of your crew. 


Ship chandlers have evolved with the modern shipping industry. Their role has changed from providing ship maintenance to providing various shipping supplies. Working with a ship chandler is a blessing nowadays. They are a one-stop shop for all items you require for your ship. if you compare ships with cars, they are complicated. The larger they are, the more attention they need. you need to focus the most on maintenance, safety and food supplies. Fortunately, ship chandlers have all the necessary supplies, so you don’t have to worry. If you are getting into the shipping business ill suggest that you contact a ship chandler now 

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